How to disable/fix check hostname


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Jul 16, 2019
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This is e-mail notification to warn you that your hostname is setup improperly on your system.​

2021-07-05 00:10
sv............, resolves to Please make sure that your hostname resolves to your server ip (x.x.x.x) or else your email may not work correctly.


Create an A record for your hostname (sv......) in your DNS control panel. Point the hostname to your server's main IP address. Also check /etc/hosts to ensure that the server ip is correctly set.

I have did same as the solution.
But after 24h, it reset hostname point to in /etc/hosts . And the notice warning every day.

Please know me how to fix it or disable check hostname.
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Are you working on a VPS? Because this can also be cause by VPS providers.
Correct your /etc/hosts as should be.
Then use this command to block any changes to the hosts files.

chattr +i /etc/hosts

See if that helps.

Another good idea is to contact your VPS provider about this.

After each reboot, I've also get /etc/hosts edited adding myhostname.tld entry.

It seems that editing /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg and # comment out 'update_etc_hosts' is the solution.
It seems that is depending on the cloud system used.
But it's good to know this, thank you for the addition on this! (y)
Thanks Richard. For info, the OS installation was based on a (rocky linux 8) OVHCloud template converted to CloudLinux.