I accidently deleted my whole home folder


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Feb 20, 2024
So i accidently deleted my Home folder on shared web hosting.

I was going to erase my public_html folder as there was an old script that i wanted to update, then i´ve selected accidently all directorys and deleted them all.

- i have no backups
- there is no trash bin, becouse i deleted everything and uncheck the box for the trasch bin.

I´ve attached a Screenshot to show you my problem.


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Incase it’s a VM you might have a snapshot, if not all data is lost.

And I’m sorry to point it out but backup backup backup, this shows how important it is.

But did you only host one (your own site into this or more?)
If more….. ai…. If your own, rebuild everything

Oh and i see you speak about “shared hosting” this forum is for admins, not users :)
Yap it is shared hosting, and i would like to know any workaround to re-create my directory to upload my new website laravel script.

And no im not a admin im a website owner so a (user).

I dont mind for data that is lost, i just want to upload a new script
And no im not a admin im a website owner so a (user).
In that case you're at the wrong place, this forum is only for Directadmin license holders, not for hosting customers.

And unfortunately the above responses are correct. Linux is no Windows so gone=gone.

You could delete and add your domain again, but this would only re-create your domain, you have to fill it with your files again from scratch if nobody has a backup. Your hoster might so ask him just to be sure.