Install mod_cache


New member
May 13, 2022

I fail to configure apache with mod_cache on my directadmin server.

What I did so far...

1. Compiled apache + mod_cache with custombuild as described in da documentation. Verified that mod_cache is available with apachectl.
2. Added the following lines to httpd.conf:
CacheRoot /var/cache/httpd/proxy
CacheDirLevels 2
CacheDirLength 1
3. Granted permissions to cache root
chown apache:apache /var/cache/httpd/proxy
4. Added the following lines in da under "Custom HTTPD Configurations" > "httpd.conf customization for"
<Location "/">
CacheEnable disk
CacheHeader on
Header merge Cache-Control public

But apache does not store any files in my cache root nor is the cache header X-Cache added to my website.

Does someone has any ideas what I did wrong? I already tried to set Apache LogLevel to debug but found nothing relevant to mod cache.

Best Regards!