reseller's creator keeps getting changed to root

Invader Zim

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Sep 4, 2004
We use installatron to offer our clients (and the resellers' clients) an easy way to install/backup/update their websites. I'm certain many others have at least heard of it.

Now, last week we started getting complaints that backups no longer worked. Mind, this is about the installatron backups, not the backup functionality of directadmin. So why not post in installatron's support forum? I'll tell you:

In /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/resellername/user.conf the line
should reflect the user that created this reseller. We created all our resellers with the default admin user. So, the creator line should read
But that's not what it says, it says

As Rowan from Installatron says

The 'admin' user's creator should be 'root'.

But any reseller's creators should presumably be 'admin', so if you're seeing them as owned by root then that's the problem here.

Installatron does not have any default settings on the DirectAdmin root user, so all users and resellers need an ownership path that leads back to 'admin' in order to pick up any default settings (like the backup locations).

So when the creator is set to root, installatron can no longer find the correct settings for the resellers (and their users) to inherit the backup locations and all scheduled backups fail and all in promptu backups are impossible.

What keeps changing the creator's line? I changed all the files in the past few days but today, a lot (about half of all resellers) were set back to creator=root, even the ones I changed yesterday.