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Feb 27, 2003
Please observe the rules and policies of this forum:


You may advertise your *DirectAdmin-related* products and services in this forum. Do NOT advertise products/services that are designed for any server unless such products/services have a module or feature that adds value specifically to the DirectAdmin product. Do NOT advertise products/services where DirectAdmin adds value to your product/service.

Do NOT post hosting or dedicated/vps server offers!

You may include direct links to your web site, pricing, promotional offers, etc. Please do not post the same offer more than once every 14 days. Please do not post your product/service in a competitor's thread, unless invited to do so. You may also post surveys or inquiries (e.g. business opportunities for other vendors) assuming the topic is DirectAdmin-related.

Examples of valid threads:
- DirectAdmin plugins
- Server management services
- Software development services

Examples of invalid threads:
- Server packages (including dedicated and vps)
- Hosting packages within DA


Respect each other's threads.
If you have any issues with an posting and think it may be in violation of our terms and conditions, please email us and do not reply in each other's posts inquiring about the legitimacy of a thread, it's going to ultimately be our call. We don't allow exceptions to our policies, so if there is an issue, be assured that we will resolve it.


Feel free to post software/service requests so vendors can consider doing custom work for you. Be sure to post detailed information (exactly what you need), how soon the product/service must be delivered, and your approximate budget. If a vendor requests more information, please respond to the question in a timely manner or your thread may be deleted.

If you have any questions about these policies, please e-mail [email protected]
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