Wildcard Subdomains, yea, I know it's a common one


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Dec 25, 2008
Hello People,

I've just finished moving to a new server with DirectAdmin and it's great.

I have a Wordpress MU installation with 10 blogs and I can't get it to work.

The main blog works, but all the subdomain ones doesn't.

I added the *.bla.co.il. A Record to my IP, and every subdomain now gets the apache YEY IT WORKED page, but not the right blog.

I really need to know how to config this right!
I searched the forum but I couldn't find anything solid to go after.

Thank you all in advance!
Problem getting subdomains to work without www.

Having trouble getting subdomains to work without www.

They work if I put www.subdomain.mydomain.com but if it's just http://subdomain.mydomain.com it gives me an error in IE: DNS error - cannot find server.

I created the subdomain as a full domain - ie I didn't use the subdomain option under the main domain. I created a new domain called subdomain.mydomain.com

If I run dns zone check www.zonecheck.fr on the subdomain it reports the subdomain as being fine....
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Wordpress wildcard subdomains with DirectAdmin

Hello. It is now January 2011 and I am also doing my first Wordpress multisite installation with wildcard subdomains. I just thought that fellow newbies might be interested in sharing notes...
  1. There is no longer a separate "Wordpress MU." All multisite features have now been incorporated in every standard version of Wordpress. Currently, this is activated by adding the following to the wp-config.php file, just above the line that says "Happy Blogging":
    define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);​
  2. A Google search of the DirectAdmin help site, Site-Helper.com, shows no mention of "wildcards" or "httpd.conf" capability with DirectAdmin.
  3. Wordpress.org multi-site installation step 2, "Setting Wildcard Subdomains," also does not mention DirectAdmin.
  4. Finally I searched here and first came up with a helpful 2004 discussion: "Wildcard subdomains redirect?"
  5. DirectAdmin navigation today seems slightly different than then. My notes are as follows...
    In User Panel -> DNS Management added: * A
    In Admin Panel -> Custom Httpd -> yourdomain.com ->
    In the textarea, just pasted:
    ServerAlias *.|DOMAIN|​
  6. Please note that what goes in the "Custom Httpd" input field, stays here just as if it were Las Vegas. So if you want to un-do this, just return, erase it from the input field, and click "Save."
  7. I am pleased that DirectAdmin is able to do all this so easily, without needing Putty or SSH! As soon as I make sure that my new Wordpress is pressing, I will add these instructions for DirectAdmin users to the Wordpress.org wiki. (If they allow me who am a new member.)
  8. I am not experienced. This is my first Wordpress and my first DirectAdmin. Any corrections, comments or suggestions concerning my notes would be welcome.
Do you need to wait for this to propagate? How long? 24 hours? Or is this instant? I don't want my users waiting.. I tested this and well sadly it didn't work at all.. I went to "My Blogs" under BuddyPress and got my "search assistant" thing to pop up and no blog.
Sure, it takes DNS some time to get updated. But if add * in DNS template, then it might be quicker for all your future instances.
... and I am also doing my first Wordpress multisite installation with wildcard subdomains....

Another newbie here, Krystofo. Yor explanation is very clear.
Is it possible to add different domain names to different sites in a WordPress Network based on subfolders [subdirectories]?
Is it possible to add different domain names to different sites in a WordPress Network based on subfolders [subdirectories]?
Hello. Sorry I might not be in time to answer your question, and not sure I understand you. But if you are asking if each Wordpress-Multisite blog can have its own domain name, which replaces the wildcard subdomain, the answer is YES. Each blog then can behave just like a separate website. It's been 6 months so I don't remember the details. But I think this is called "domain mapping," and I think maybe these two articles will give the instructions... If any problems, I suggest you surf or ask questions at the Wordpress.org support forums.
You probably need to get Directadmin updated and skin changed to a default one so to have ability to customize a NGINX virtual host at admin level.