[How-To] Contact official Directadmin staff


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To contact official DirectAdmin staff, you should better use form:


or ticket system:


As it gives you more guarantees, that they will get your message.

Just before submitting a request, make sure, that
  • your email box is set up properly, and can receive emails.
  • you've got enough free space there
  • *@directadmin.com is white-listed in your mail-server.

It's said, they typically respond to e-mail inquiries within 45 minutes during normal business hours.

If you don't get answer for a longer period, make sure, that a reply from DirectAdmin staff was not treated as SPAM and was not moved to a SPAM directory of your email box. You might want to read exim logs in order to get details about an email delivering.

Electronic Mail
Technical Support: support@directadmin.com
Billing Support: billing@directadmin.com
Sales Department: sales@directadmin.com

More contact information can be found here:

p.s. Please, feel free to add your experiences here.

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My experience with the safesubmit and email have been very satisfying.

After a long hiatus from having a server (5-6yrs) I have stumbled back into things and have a couple affordable VM.

case 1

I needed to dust off my license and get it's OS and IP changed and also requested installation. Total turn around was very quick. Can't really recall since I wasn't keeping track, but perhaps 48hrs tops on that.

Additionally, I had a mistake on the initial request (DC move, IP changed shortly after the order) and can take responsibility for any additional delay, if any. I was more concerned about wasting JBMC time and fired off an e-mail and a new safesubmit in hopes of intercepting the first request.

case 2

Yesterday I traded with a license holder here, struck a deal and within maybe 60-90 minutes total the new license (a transfer of ownership) showed up in my account.

Just a few minutes ago, say 20 I submitted an OS & IP change for the new license with safesubmit. With any luck my request will not incur a weekend delay but if so, that's life.

case 2 updated: I received the 'mission accomplished e-mail from directadmin ~4pm on 27-MAR. Only one hiccup in the experience, hostname was set to the one on the license which is not a domain I own. No sweat though. It's funny though since I'd just commented on the license hostname stuff in this message already. At least the old hostname in the license wasn't something obscene. lol

Case 0 -- my initial license purchase was probably a great experience too. I just can't recall any details.

One thing of minor note though.. My first license actually has my selected hostname in it, even though it was bought second hand, a transfer. Seems these days that isn't part of the license transfer procedure anymore.
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I have used it several times and it works.

However, I just used it and after submission, it read:
"Note: We recommend using the Ticket System instead of this form."

It would appear there is a preference. :)


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So far, my experience with their support is awful. Been waiting a full day to get my IP address changed with them. I've got 5 emails sent, a support ticket on high priority, what else do I need to do? This is ridiculous.


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I might add, that is an email to individual departments. I can't get an automated response or anything, except I got the ticket system to email me a link to my ticket. Thats it.


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As it is due process, I will update that after sending the final 3 emails, one to each department, the sales department did get back to me and fix the issue. I'm told a response was given to me on a prior message, but I have no record of it. Regardless, my problem has been resolved.


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It's always best to use the ticket system, that way responses are saved in the system and can be checked at any time if there would be a mail failure / spam etc. Even if you don't get the e-mail saying there is a reply on the ticket, you could login after a while and check manually. With tickets there should not be a possibility of a message getting lost. And if you choose to e-mail after, you could also specify the ticket number.
Other than that, my experience with response time varies; it also depends on your timezone. I've been in the position to have my license IP changed asap; that's something you should definitely try to avoid (e.g. if you rent a VPS and they offer realtime internal DA licenses; I'd take that as a temporarily solution).