Softaculous can't access subdomain directory


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I setup softaculous, at first it didn't recognize ioncube loader, but I rebuild it.
Then, when I tried to install blesta on subdomain, I get a message
" Can't write to ioncube.php
Can't access folder, make sure your there is no htaccess. File and your domain is pointing to server IP"
Sub domain is pointing correctly, no htaccess. I even deleted subdomain folder and remade it.
And when I type PHP -V, I get a message that ioncube already loaded and the ioncube Verizon 10.x.x
I revised the attributes of the subdomain folder and it owned by admin.
Is there something I'm missing?

Richard G

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You might want to contact Softaculous. They have good support.
Since it only seems to affect blesta.

Or you could try to install Blesta manually and see if the problem persists.