Admin Backup/Transfer to have option for user path


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Apr 27, 2009
We use R1Soft for backup on our shared hosting servers. However we don't use R1Soft for database backups, because we have found it to be unreliable. Instead we use "Admin Backup/Transfer" to setup a cron job for backing up all databases to /home/admin/admin_backups a few minutes before R1Soft run every night. This way we have backup of all databases on the server transferrred to the backup server.

However with this setup our customers can only restore files in R1Soft, and must contact support to get backup of their databases.

This is a request for a new feature in "Admin Backup/Transfer": In "Admin Backup/Transfer" in "Step 3" when selecting "Local" we ask for a new option to be able to select the local path for each DirectAdmin user account on the server, for example something like this:

So that the "*" would be dynamically replaced with the user name, so that the database backup we setup will backup the database files into each users /home/username/database-backups directory instead of placing all of the backups in /home/admin/admin_backups - this way our users will have access to download the database backups from R1Soft.
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