Almalinux or rocky linux as successors to centos 8 and will Domain authority(DA) support almalinux ?


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Jan 10, 2023
In general users are thinking about it but considering most have at least a year to do something the consensus is there is no rush.
I was a Centos user and have switched some of my server to debian and freebsd. I like switching and rebuilding so it all fun for me.
But, I have a question related to the topic that how many of the centIos users here are already thinking about switching to Almalinux in 2023. Or maybe to rocky linux as an alternative for a stable centos successor .
Is directadmin going to support almalinux as OS?
Please reply.
Most hosters around me have migrated to Almalinux, mainly because its backed up by Cloudlinux I think
Personally we have used Almalinux from the beginning and never regretted.
DA is fully supporting it so that should not be an problem
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Almalinux for me. There is also an advantage that they have ELevate project for converting CentOS 7 to Almalinux 8. It's stable and working well with DA.
We switched to AlmaOS for most of the servers now and are pretty satisfied with the performance and the security features we are getting with it.
Has anyone switched from Rocky to Alma? If so, what was that experience if the OP decides they want to switch for some reason.