Backup transfer between domains


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Apr 18, 2016

There are two domains inside the admin account. I want to move the old one to the new domain, but I cannot create a domain-specific backup at the user level. I also cannot restore the backup I created for the new domain.

How is this job done?

Thank you.


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but I cannot create a domain-specific backup at the user level.
Yes you can, you can select the domains to be included in backup.

Alternativaly, you can create the account you want to move the domain to with a test domain, then use this command:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
./ olduser newuser
Be aware that in this case you have to backup and move the database manually.
You can or move files between dirs, or just rename domains.
I used "rename domain" but only the homepage address changed. The URLs for the post are still the old address. How can I change them to the new site url?
they in website code, in files or in DB, you need to change it there too.
If its in wordpress, you can use "better search & replace" plugin for changing URLs in DB, otherwise its possible via PhpMyAdmin.
It was enough to change the SITE URL and BLOG URL addresses from phpmyadmin.

Thank you.