Bad Request from localhost


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Sep 17, 2008
Lieksa, Finland
After getting reports from customers not being able to change their passwords from Roundcube I noticed a problem.

Background: DA running SSL-only, port 2223 and working perfectly from the outside, never had any problems.

Symptom: Trying to change password in Roundcube gives error "Can't create socket connection to ssl://localhost:2223"

using the elinks console browser trying to access DirectAdmin from the localhost:

#> links https://localhost:2223

gives error
Unable to retrieve https://localhost:2223/
SSL error

This used to work as well. Iptables accepts all local connections per default.

So everything from the outside works but nothing from inside the server. I have tested replacing "localhost" with the server name but with the same result. Also, accessing some of the SSL-secured sites on the server from the console browser works without any problems (using the domain name, of course).