Basic Guides


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Oct 11, 2015

I have some basic questions about directadmin server, I was using cpanel on my all servers but now i have installed directadmin to my main server where i want to run my business website where i sale hosting...

I have some questions please if you can help me i shall be thankful to you.

1. I have directadmin with PHP 5.5.30 (cli), what is the easy steps to make upgrade it with PHP 5.6 and suphp. I have tried many guides but not success.

2. I want to install xmlprc module in php also because my billing system required this extension in PHP.

3. What about suhosin, i actually want to run only 2-3 sites my main business sites so i want to make this server very secure and protected I want to complete secure my server so if you have some advance guides to secure server I shall be thankfull..

I have server with Centos 64bit, Latest directadmin with CSF firewall.