[Bug] Default layout not taken over when DA force redirect is in effect.

Richard G

Verified User
Jul 6, 2008
Since I've seen the icons grid, I'm trying to use and setup the Evolution skin.

I configured DA so the user can choose the skin and on the reseller I put the default layout to "icons grid".
However, when a user selects the Evolution skin, he automatically gets the default layout instead of the icons grid layout.

Now the curious thing is that this is only happening on 1 server. Both servers were however installed and configured the same way.

So I started some investigation and I found the same bug which is also happening when using the automatic login for phpmyadmin which causes a blank page.

As soon as the in the domain setup the "Force redirect" is used to redirect to www (possibly also to non-www) instead of using "none" in a users account, then the default layout for the Evolution skin is -not- taken over and the default layout is presented.

As said, I also reported this for phpmyadmin:

So this "force redirect" option is causing multiple issues at the moment.