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Sep 23, 2019
Hi Guys,

Any help would be appreciated.

Basics: OLS w/ DirectAdmin on Centos 7.

Context: New server, preparations before I move - trying my best to ditch cPanel, and hopefully gain some speed improvements at the same time!

Currently at the top of every settings page in the web panel in OLS is the following message:

"Include file detected in configuration file. Entering Read-only mode."

None of the settings can be changed.

This appears to make it impossible to use CloudFlare - as per - there are settings that need to be changed in order for the server to be able to see real visitor IP addresses and prevent issues related to DDoS blocking.

> When using CloudFlare CDN in front of your LiteSpeed Web Server, you may see a proxy IP instead of the real IP addresses of visitors.
> To restore real visitor IPs, navigate to LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console > Configuration > General Settings and set Use Client IP in Header to Trusted IP Only, and add CloudFlare IPs/Subnets to the trusted list, as shown below.

So this leaves the potential option of editing the config files directly, but this does not seem seem necessarily sensible or possible from what I can see (happy to be advised otherwise)? I have tried looking through the various config files but can't find the setting - and also I am aware that the setting may drop each time I add a new domain (unless I read this wrong, perhaps in relation to something else).

Not only do I ideally need to add the setting re: IPs, I also have to add the CloudFlare IP block into the trust IPs range.

Does anyone have an experience of getting CloudFlare to work with OLS/DA?

Is my only option to use CloudFlare without proxying - ie DNS only?

Thanks in advance!