connecting to a different database not one provided by xampp


New member
Jun 22, 2020
hi guys I'm quite new at this whole database stuff and I need some help. I'm doing an online course in which the tutors are no help at all. I'm currently learning the whole database stuff but the problem I have is I'm using xampp to access and do my database stuff but it only works on the local server but the course I'm doing they provide a MySQL database to use which I can use if I log in but my problem is when I produce any database stuff on a webpage its all stored to the xampp database I don't want that I wanna store it all on the course database so does anyone know how I can configure the xampp to access the course database. I provided two images the one makes with a number1 is the info for my course and the image marked with a number 2 is the xampp server I need to access pic one server all time via xampp not pic 2 server. step by step plan would be great as not use to the software I'm using but not bad on pcs so not that bad lol