Consistent terminology for edit/save buttons


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Feb 11, 2005
The Netherlands
Hi there,

Not entirely sure whether this is a DirectAdmin issue or skin issue. However with the new features introduced by this skin, for example editing a dns record, the terminology for edit and save buttons is a bit confusing.

For the example above, the dns record editing, you'd click on the pencil with the "edit" pencil icon to the right of a dns record and it opens the edit modal where you do your edits. To actually save the edits you made you'd have to click the "edit" button in the lower right. IMHO this should be "save". To be even more clear "close" should probably be "cancel" to make it more clear edits won't be saved when hitting that button.

When you're editing a forwarder the buttons are now close and modify, when editing a mail limit it's close and save, when editing a DA user account password it's submit, when modifying a domain setup it's back and modify etc. etc. Shouldn't you pick one, for example cancel and save and use that everywhere consistently?