Create blacklist for spamassassin on Admin level


New member
Jun 9, 2022
Hello, pretty new here so i’m not sure if i’m on the right forum. I woonder if there is, or can create a Add-On for spamassassin in Direct Admin:

What i would like to have is a list where i (as admin) can add an address, for example *@*
This list should be used in the blacklist for spamassassin by the users that i mark as a valid user.
In other words; not all users haver the right to get this list implement in there blacklist automatically (or by cron), only the ones who take an subscription.

Is some add-on alrready exist or can be created easily ??

Thanks for any reply!
Thanks ccto,

I'm a dummy on this, so i did read your link and i guess i have to contact the author of the WLBLEval plugin. Maybe he can help me further.
or can you??