Creating maillists


New member
Aug 13, 2003
I am attempting to create a maillist but unfortunately it has not gone well.

I understand that the default settings will work fine but that has not been the case. I resolved the issue of not being able to unsubscribe via email. I used the control panel and deleted subscribers from both the group list and the digest list without selecting any email addresses and that resolved the subscribe and unsubscribe issues. I undersand this to be a bug in the software and it is being resolved in the next update.

It seems now that I can't (and I never could) send a message to my created list and it would be sent to all my subscribers. I did not get a reply back from the software saying there was an error. My message just vanished.

Again keep in mind here the I have used defaults and have not modified any preferences. I was told from a tech support person that it would work just fine without making any modifications.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


DirectAdmin Support

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Feb 27, 2003

There were a few issues with file permissions. The should be gone now, just click "Delete Selected" for both subscribers and digest subscibers. This will set the llists to use the correct permissions.

As sending mail to the, this is just an alias which will forward to your system email account (the same username that you use to login to the DirectAdmin).

Hope this helps, if not send us an email to