DA-Enhanced-Pro - New Skin


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Mar 7, 2014
Australia, Sydney
I can't see what's wrong because I can't see the picture:

You don't have permission to access /directadmin/screen_directadmin.png on this server.


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Aug 27, 2019
query, please ??

I am new to DA like many others I'm sure due to the latest cpanel debacle...

My provider has made the switch & now I need access to my reseller account - but in trying 5 different browsers on my work PC I cannot log in;
All that comes is errors or a reload of the loging screen after saying that it has logged in.
Mostly it just goes to an animation and hangs there endlessly.

One error I get says this:
"Oops... something went wrong!
Problems loading the skin appeared for 3rd time in a row. Please contact tech support for troubleshooting.
If the problem does not resolve after refresh, you may reset the skin to enhanced. "
So I tried doing that at my other PC & DA will neither allow me to change skin nor to delete the evolution skin for my account.

The 2nd PC has the latest FF version, which leads me to think that the 'normal' DA login is exceedingly browser fussy, hence (finally) my query about this skin:
Will it be as browser fussy as the Evolution skin is ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!