DA Login Bug(?)


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Sep 8, 2022
Since the latest update being performed through custom build, I cant login properly, I type my details in, press the login button and nothing happens, then I have to click refresh page and it takes me to the panel, so clearly the login button is working, but not redirecting, maybe the callback is broken?
On clicking login, this error appears in console @DirectAdmin Support

SyntaxError: "undefined" is not valid JSON
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at i.<anonymous> (login-index.js?a4114409a84eaf88c582:1:12735)
at f (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:104:1440)
at Generator._invoke (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:104:1193)
at Generator.next (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:104:1803)
at t (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:103:6789)
at a (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:103:7000)
at vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:103:7059
at new Promise (<anonymous>)
at i.<anonymous> (vendors.js?4aec1223b525b9eea266:103:6940)
Hi, this could happen if you are using login-key (not your main password) to sign-in, and that login-key is restricted to what actions can be performed.

We will investigate this further, thanks for reporting.
@fln - It isnt a login key, just went to verify. We have custom configs on Exims .conf file and some filters, Im not sure if doing a rebuild of directadmin would work? I just need to be sure that no custom changes to any configuration files will be changed
Check your browser, it may blocked by your browser's plugin
@glio (y) this is exactly the same hypothesis we are following up on the ticketing system. So far I was not able to reproduce and still waiting for feedback from @Jordz2203.