DA migration


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Nov 28, 2004

I'm interested on someone to the migration of my domains from one server to other, like described on http://www.directadmin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16713

I belive I have the knowledge to do so, but I'm afraid of possible problems that may occur and that could take some time to solve (and time is very important on that)

both servers will be fully configured, you'll just need to move the accounts

the interested must:
- have done that before
- understand DNS issues and reduce the downtime to minimum (although I expect no downtime at all, just for mysql that I belive is a good idea to shut down to avoid desync between the "old" and "new" server during the transition) - this include understaing TTL, knowing how to configure it and so on
- being able to due with some problems that can arrive (for example, I don't use dovecot... I don't know if the move to the new server will try to import thinking I use it on the server or something like that)
- working with MySQL version that may be incompatible (probably best solution would be to downgrade the new server MySQL, but maybe you know something else)

payment by paypal

interested please PM