DAreseller V1.0 Released ! The first Alpha/Master Multi-Reseller plugin for DirectAdmin


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Jul 4, 2019
DAreseller V1.0 has now been released !

What is DAreseller?
The first Alpha/Master multi-reseller plugin for DirectAdmin, in other words it's the DirectAdmin version of WHMreseller.

It adds 2 new levels of Reselling to DirectAdmin servers, these are Alpha & Master Resellers. Alpha Resellers can create Master Resellers, Standard Resellers and User accounts, while Master Resellers can create Standard Resellers & User accounts.

DAreseller Features
Below is a list of General Features as well as Specific Features for respective users: admin, alpha and master users

  • Clean easy to use Interface
  • Does NOT use PHP/MySQL
  • NO WHMCS module needed
  • Free automated updates
  • Fast simple Installation
  • Maintains its own Backups
  • Automated Regular updates
  • Uses lastest Bootstrap 4
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flexible billing options

Root User Features
  • Create Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Edit Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Upgrade Reseller to Master
  • Upgrade Master to Alpha
  • Downgrade Alpha to Master
  • Downgrade Master to Reseller
  • Suspend Alpha/Master
  • Terminate Alpha/Master
  • Monitor Alpha/Master Usage
  • Change Master Ownership
  • Change Reseller Ownership
  • Create/Edit Alpha Packages
  • Create/Edit Master Packages
  • Create/Edit Reseller Packages
  • Import Alpha's/Masters

Alpha User Features
  • Create Master/Standard Resellers
  • Edit Master/Standard Resellers
  • Upgrade Reseller to Master
  • Downgrade Master to Reseller
  • Downgrade Reseller to User
  • Suspend Master/Reseller
  • Terminate Master/Reseller
  • Monitor Master/Reseller Usage
  • Change Reseller Ownership
  • Change User Ownership

Master User Features
  • Create Resellers
  • Edit Resellers
  • Upgrade User to Reseller
  • Downgrade Reseller to User
  • Suspend Reseller
  • Terminate Reseller
  • Monitor Reseller Usage
  • Change User Ownership

License Pricing
(All prices in Australian Dollars)
Monthly Price: $5.95/m
Quarterly Price: $16.95/3m
Semi-Annual Price: $31.95/6m
Yearly Price: $59.95/y
Biennial Price: $114.95/2y
Triennial Price: $159.95/3y
Owned License: $249.95

(Note only 1 license is required per server)

Trial DAreseller Today for free !

The Trial and Licensed version are IDENTICAL, they are the same software, there is no difference. Basically the licensed version can be installed and run without a license for 7 days. This is the trial period. After that if you wish to continue using DAreseller you will need to purchase a license.

Installation Instructions

cd /usr/local/directadmin/plugins
wget http://deasoft.com/dainstall.cpp
g++ dainstall.cpp -o dainstall
chmod 700 dainstall
rm dainstall
rm dainstall.cpp

For more information see http://deasoft.com/dareseller.php