Debian Thoughts


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Jul 22, 2017
I have thoughts of switching to Debian. I am a long time user of both RH and Debian. Actually I have used almost every major distro in the last 20+years. I don't need Cloud Linux. I do use KernelCare which is on Debian now. I like the idea of upgrading from version to version without reinstall. Has this been a problem with DA? What are your reasons for not using RH, Centos, or BSD? Did any of you all switch from RH to Debian? Have you give a thought of switching to RH and why? As usual, I hope you are all well.

Richard G

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Jul 6, 2008
Reasons that I use and keep using Centos:
1.) Much easier to exclude things with yum
2.) Most things (panels and stuff) are basically build for RH/Centos and made to work in other distro's, so chance is more stability on Centos.
3.) Since major versions mostly take 4 to 5 years, we mostly change servers anyway, so on the new server install the new Centos version.
4.) Debian is still different, have to get used to work with things apt-get and use other names like bind9 insteald of named etc.. which takes time which we don't want to spill due to the only (for our compamy rather small) benefit on Debian.

So looking at it this way, the only benefit would be that Debian can upgrade major version without the need of a new server. In our case that's never been an issue. Could be for hosters with a lot more servers.

Which makes me also curious as to thoughts from others, especially if they switched from Centos to Debian and why.