DirectAdmin 1.56.2 has been released

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Feb 27, 2003

DirectAdmin 1.56.2 has been released.

This is a bugfix release to address an issue with the new cron PATH feature.

It's recommended that everyone using 1.56.1 upgrades to 1.56.2.

The main issue is the use of $PATH not being valid in the crontab.

After updating, DA should handle detection/resolution of any existing $PATH variables.
It would have only happened after updating to 1.56.1, and a User saves a cron, so only 24 hours worth of people who've made changes.

In any case, you could confirm that all Users have the $PATH removed, by typing (CentOS):
grep '$PATH' /var/spool/cron/*
(see id=2332 for other OS grep commands), where it should not output anything.

The automated check will remove the PATH= entirely, if it was recently set by DA, and only if it has just the /usr/local/phpXX/bin:$PATH values set, ane the feature turned off (it's by default now). If it's explicitly turned on (wouldn't be many who've added it to their directadmin.conf), DA would figure that out, and swap $PATH with the User's actual shell $PATH. If the existing PATH= is more than 2 entries, it means the PATH was manually changed.. but DA will still hunt for $PATH and swap it with the User's actual shell $PATH (obtained via various means, like su calls)... again, only if the crontab timestamp is newer than March 20th (1.56.1 pre-release)

Sorry for the bug! But should be sorted out now.
Let us know if you have any issues.