DirectAdmin/CustomBuild: Removal of support for PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5


Staff member
Aug 30, 2021
DirectAdmin intends to remove support of some very old PHP versions:

* PHP 5.3 - (EOL 2014)
* PHP 5.4 - (EOL 2015)
* PHP 5.5 - (EOL 2016)

DA support will be dropped on 2023-11-01.

Note: PHP 5.6 will continue to be supported for the time being, so anyone still using older PHP versions are encouraged to upgrade to at least PHP 5.6.

Support will be dropped in a similar manner how it was done before. The systems using these PHP versions will continue to work, but CustomBuild will refuse to perform any action if removed PHP versions are configured to be used.
Yes with Cloudlinux, but they are known for the fact that they support ancient stuff, they to also create security fixes for them if needed, which is why CL costs money.
@exlhost they will not update, that's why they on separate server, some projects must be created from scratch because adapt old code will cost much more. There was old times when somebody pay thousands of dollars for website and it works fine, so they don't want to pay again. So they will stay till cloudlinux remove their old php version support.