DirectAdmin v1.640 has been released

To share your translation or not with the community is something personal.
I am one of the maintainers and have totally no problem with sharing it with others, despite there are some potential competitors.
totally agree! that's why now when I have a little free time - I made UA translation, just 2-3 hours a day, 10 days and all translated :)
@fln There seem to be a bug with the Git manager.

When I use a remote Git repository (GitHub in my case) and a branch gets deleted it does not get removed from the branch list in the Git manager.
My flow:

1. Create a branch like dev-(some text here)
2. Commit some stuff.
3. Create a pull request from dev-(some text here) to master.
4. Merge the code into master.
5. When the code is merged Github will automaticly delete the dev-(some text here) branch.
5. The webhook will now be called for updating the live code.
I'm still having issues with this.

We also have a custom Danish translation that used to work just fine, but even after setting this:


..and restart DA.

When the user logs in and changes the languages, it's all fine. But if you log out and in again, we get this:

So something is not right with the "fix". The translation files are chmod and chown correctly but we still get that error.

This seems to be an issue since 1.641 as others are having the issue as well: