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Apr 3, 2009
Setting up a server with CentOS, I have a Netgear firewall with the public IP address and server behind it. From the reading I've been doing this is wrong. I also haven't set up DNS servers (don't know how) and I don't know how to use/get permission to use others. I do have two IP Addresses, more if needed, I just need some help with what to do with them.

Can someone point me to a "Beginner" level post or documentation that will walk me through what needs to happen with IPs and DNS? Please?


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Jun 16, 2003
Whether or not the Netgear firewall is wrong or right for your installation depends on whether or not you can pass the public IP# through the firewall. If you can turn of Network Address Translation in the firewall, and pass the public IP# through, then it could work for you. The problem is that DirectAdmin must run on the main IP# on the server, which must be a public routable IP#.

We build our own routers. They simply forward packets. We don't use them for firewalls; rather we use firewalls on individual servers so our server clients can decide for themselves what to allow/disallow.

It's very easy to build a linux router I'll make an off-topic post today on how to build a linux router.

As far as DNS is concerned, you can use both of them for nameservers if you want, and still use them for hosting. The problem is only that if your server goes down your DNS does too. You may think this is okay, but it's not for most of us (and for the Internet as a whole) because if your server goes down then anyone attempting to visit your site will be told it doesn't exist. Unless they or their ISPs either reoute DNS errors or use OpenDNS, in which case browsers will get rerouted, perhaps to links to competitors.

So you should really use only one IP# on your server for one nameserver, and set up slave DNS elsewhere as a second nameserver. If your second server uses DirectAdmin you should search these forums for information on Multi-Server Option, or if it doesn't, search these same forums for my Master2Slave DNS Replicator, which I paid to have written, and then put under GPL licensing.

I'll make a post today in the Advertising forum to advertise our slave DNS services for DirectAdmin servers.