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Feb 10, 2008
Québec, Canada

We are happy to announce the release of our new project: Email Level Dashboard for DirectAdmin.

This interface allows all e-mail users to change their password and their vacation message without access to the DirectAdmin user account.

Lastest release: v1.00


- Any e-mail account on the server can change their password
- Any e-mail account on the server can set/update/delete their vacation message
- Multilingual (English and French already available. Easy to create your own translation)
- reCaptcha v3
- Nice looking interface build with Bootstrap 4.x
- Only 1 file is encoded. You can easily add your own checks / modifications / errors.
- Can be installed everywhere (local or remote / in a user account / in /var/www/html / etc.)
- Less than 5 minutes to setup / update
- Easy to customize the template / looking.


- Login screen :
- Dashboard :
- Change Password:
- Vacation Message:


- PHP 7.2.x
- ionclube loaders
- a local or remote DirectAdmin server


12.00$ (CAD) / year / installation (about 9.70$ USD)

Regular updates and support included as long the license is valid

Bulk pricing is available for 10 or more licenses / installations

We offer 5 free licenses (as long you help us with your translated language for future versions) for people who provide us with new translations. PM us if you want to translate our Email Level Dashboard in a new languages.


Lastest release:

- Get your license key here:
- Download and extract the lastest release
- Rename includes/config.php.default to includes/config.php (new installation only)
- Edit the includes/config.php file to fit your installation configuration and set your license key (new installation only)
- Upload the files to the server


1- How to show/remove webmail links?
Edit your includes/config.php and change those variables to 'no':
/** WEBMAIL (yes/no)*/
2- How to enable reCaptcha v3?
- Get your site key and secret key from
- Edit your includes/config.php and change those variables:
/** RECAPTCHA v3 */
$config['recaptcha'] = 'yes'; /** yes / no */
$config['recaptcha_url'] = '';
$config['recaptcha_site_key'] = 'YOUR_RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY';
$config['recaptcha_secret_key'] = 'YOUR_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY';
$config['recaptcha_score'] = '0.8';

1.00 (04-2019)
- Initial release
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