Email-only account possible?


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Jul 31, 2004
Hi, I'm new to DirectAdmin and share a dedicated server with a business partner. I am set up as a reseller (although I also have access to Admin account) and was wondering if I can create an email-only package. I want to be able to offer clients an email service without hosting a web site. I imagine I can set up a small package allowing a certain amount of space (is this what is used by the email folders?), but I don't want them to have ftp access or to be able to host web pages. Just an email only account. Is it possible?
Thanks very much Jeff, I'm checking out the skin now. I don't really understand how to create a user that is email only and does not have ftp access and therefore access to place web pages in their server space. Can you explain it a little to a newbie like myself?

So far I have set up a new user with a package containing a minimal amount of web space and a single domain. I'm assuming there is no way of having an email only account of say [email protected], where the domain doesn't point to any web space if someone typed, but emails arrived at the domain just fine?
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A "user" as defined in the thread I pointed out is a site-owner (DA calls site-owners "users").

The user who uses that skin cannot use webspace. His own account can still ftp to his server space, but as you say, he can limit that.

And you can turn off his access to DNS (I don't recall if the skin even has access to DNS, but if it does, you can turn it off), so the user can't create A records for www.

You can either delete the public_html directory, or put your own contents in it, owned by root, saying the site doesn't exist.

So yes, there is a way.

Aha, that clarifies things a lot for me. Thanks for your prompt and useful replies Jeff.
I want to confirm 1 thing:
Can I create a user only keep their ns, mx and txt for email only?( I don't want a website for that, only for dns at google workspace)
thanks you so much
Please @glio check posting dates and don't necropost. This is 14 year old. Create a new thread, things have changed since 2004. It's not accurate anymore. Like most very old things. Thank you.