Error with CSF Centos 8.1 installation


New member
Apr 5, 2020
I installed CSF on DA plus the lfd service is always Stopped, when I try to start it displays the error message;:
"An error has occurred/usr/bin/systemctl start lfd.service 2>&1".

When I enter the "custombuild" you are getting this error:
"*Error* The path to iptables is either not set or incorrect for IPTABLES [/sbin/ip6tables] in /etc/csf/csf.conf at /usr/local/csf/lib/ConfigServer/ line 26. Compilation failed in require at /sbin/csf line 21. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /sbin/csf line 21. BEGIN failed - compilation aborted at / sbin / csf line 21. "

I have already reinstalled the DA several times but the error persists.