GMail G Suite Import: Unable to establish secure SSL Doesn't match any SANs


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Feb 27, 2006
Environment: This is a new FreeBSD server. I have a customer that uses GMail G Suite to import his messages from DirectAdmin using POP3. The server has LetsEncrypt set up on it on the (shared with server address) and (which has the PTR set to in the datacenter's control panel).

Prior to enforcing encrypted access in Dovecot: Phones, Outlook, and GMail G Suite imported messages using POP3. This all worked fine using The nice thing about using is you can move users between servers and nothing breaks.

After enforcing encrypted access in Dovecot: Phones and Outlook still work fine with, it was discovered that GMail G Suite was set up for unencrypted access so naturally it choked. In a GoTo meeting, I changed GMail G Suite to use port 995. I checked out the DA's help at Gmail: and I have it set up exactly like that. However it fails to connect to DirectAdmin and I receive the following error message:

Unable to establish secure SSL connection to
when I click on Show error details, it shows:
Server returned error: "SSL error: ok Hostname "" doesn't match any SANs: """

Work-around: Relaxing security in Gmail and G Suite doesn't make any difference. If I change to, it works fine.

I would like to avoid the work-around because it does not allow me to move people on servers without them having to edit this. Perhaps the key is in the error message itself. Google's help link simply goes to setup instructions so it doesn't help. I've done a lot of Googling on this but haven't found anything that addresses this.

Any deep thoughts of a way around this would be greatly appreciated,
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