GSUITE 550 Sender verify failed


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Nov 1, 2019
The last couple of weeks i am experiencing problems with sending emails from roundcube to GSUITE accounts. After sending i receive an immediate bounce mail.
Reporting-MTA: dns; domain.tpl

Action: failed
Final-Recipient: rfc822;info@domain.tpl
Status: 5.0.0
I am experiencing this also with mails send from gsuite to my mailserver. In Gsuite i receive also a bounce mail with the error.
550 Verification failed for <info@domain.tpl> Sender verify failed
I have found the solution in this forum by commenting out the line require verify = sender in the exim.conf. Now i can receive mails from gsuite but not sending to a gsuite account.
Most strange of this whole situation is this problem does not occur with regular gmail accounts.
I have configured my rdns properly also i am sending the mails out with DKIM, SPF etc.
In the headers from the mails that end up in the gmail inbox shows all passed.
While those same CC'ed mails end up in the hotmail spam.

I have used tools such as, mxtoolbox etc and there were no major problems found.

My VPS is using the following services;
DirectAdmin 1.59.4
Exim 4.92.3

Also i have ran a complete custombuild of the exim followed this:

But nothing changed. Does anyone has a clue?