Have some pre sales questions.


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Feb 2, 2022
We are thinking about moving to DirectAdmin from Plesk. I just have some questions to make sure a potential migration has a chance of being successful. We are currently on Centos 6 but from what I've heard we should be moving to a more modern OS as well. Here are some questions?
  • What PHP versions do you support?
  • Does DirectAdmin have the ability to host python web applications?
Directadmin recently deprecated php below 5.6
I'm not sure about clean DA, but with cloudlinux you can manage python application.
So the 7.x series are still supported?
Yes (as long your OS support , for Example Almalinux 9/Centos 9 doesn't support it out of the box but Almalinux 8 will)
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yes, recently users faced some issues with updated mod_passanger, CL fixed it and now all ok.