Hi, I need help


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Nov 1, 2006

My name is Alex

Our company decided to organize a hosting business.

Now we are choosing a soft for it.

The feature of our hosting is a special hierarchy of sites.

We would like to organize our sites in a special way:

and so on...

Adding new site - must be automatic operation (without administrator)...

DirectAdmin.com`s admin John advised me to do it in such a way:

> Hello,
> We have a full template system for the virtualhosts that can be
> customize however needed.
> It also has some basic if-then-else if you need to do different setups
> per-domain.
> As for your setup you could probably also include the
> domain_create_post.sh script (which you would create) and incorportate
> that with the "custom httpd configuration" to tell the custom
> virtulahosts which category the domain should be in. That would allow
> you to use that category as a variable for the templates so you can add
> a 2nd virtualhost in the virtual_host.conf template for your oursite.ru
> on top of the regular site1.ru domain. So yes, I believe it can be
> done, but some scripting knowledge would be required.
> As for adding sites automatically, we have a full API which can be
> interfaced with.
> www.directadmin.com/api.html
> so you can have your signup forms create the accounts (adviseable to
> have some checks for payments, etc..)
> Sample form (which does't do any checks)
> http://www.directadmin.com/sample_api.txt
> Thank you,
> John

I need a person who can realize It for us?

If you can do It say how much will it cost?

And how much time you need?

We will consider all suggestions...

Thank you...