How directadmin works ?


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Jul 17, 2019

Sorry I am new to directadmin and i don't really understand how it works. I am trying to create a reseller account and I have done following step by step:

1. Added a reseller package with 1 GB space, 2 domain, 2 users (as admin)
2. Created a new reseller with the package i created in step 1 (as admin)
3. Logged in as reseller
4. Created a user package of 500 MB
5. Added 2 new users of 500 MB each (as reseller package allows 1 GB).

Now all is fine but what I wonder is that, the client has now actually 3 domains hosted on the server i.e one as reseller account and 2 more as user accounts.

So my question is how directadmin will calculate the resources ?
Will DA count reseller account as an account according to the reseller package ??

I mean now there are 3 domains hosted and only 2 are allowed according to package and can use 1 GB space only and 2 domains allocated 500 MB each, so what about the main reseller account ? How much space that is consuming ? Coz I can access that reseller domain also and its also showing webpage etc.

I am not able to determine as to how directadmin works in this regard ? Please clarify.