How to remove or disable existing default email addresses from accounts?


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Jan 3, 2017
I converted cPanel server to DirectAdmin. But all accounts are created with default e-mail which i cannot remove from system.
I see that some websites are sending spam mail through their WordPress installations out of control.

How can I disable all of that default mail addresses and prevent that spam issues?
I don't want users to have defaul mail address.

Threre is no way to remove or disable that accouunt from DA interface. Also there is no quota limit for that account too.
Since you can't access it's webmail area, you can't even remove or see emails in that default account as a user.

Any ideas?


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Apr 27, 2009
...Also there is no quota limit for that account too.
You have a quota limit for that, you use the "per-User limit setup", please see:

2) Ensure you have a per-User limit setup. This will be a daily limit for the maximum number of total sends all accounts and scripts under this User can send from the server, combined. A typical value might be 200, eg:
Edit: You even have the option integrated in DirectAdmin GUI. In Enhanced as a admin go to "Administrator Settings" and set the desired number for the option "Daily E-Mail limit per DirectAdmin User".

Regarding the default email account, that account is not needed for the users to send mail with PHP script, so disabling that account would not help. If you want to disable users from sending mail with PHP script, then you should add "mail" to the disable_functions in PHP.
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