howto changing chroot for sftp users(sftp-only)


New member
Oct 8, 2015
Good day to you all,

As a newbie to the directadmin community i feel free to request for a 'howto chroot a user-group for a sftp-only account-user-customer.

First of all I would explain my request:
The company that I work for requested to stop using ftp and change it to sftp.
I changed some account and enabled ssh access on the DA accounts-resellers.

Works like a charm but i have one issue:
After login with the 'winscp' I could browse/read all my /log/etc files?

After some searching the internet I found the following list I needed to follow.
- Add a linux group and add the users-accounts to that group
- Change the shell if needed for some shell you like in the /etc/passwd
- add some lines in the sshd_config file (shell)
- add the usergroup
- chroot home directory to %h (userfolder)
- Shell for

The error that I recieved after doing this is 'No shell found', ??

Could anybody advise or send me to some documentation how to solve the issue