Incorrect bandwidth usage being logged for stats and traffic limits


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Oct 29, 2006
Not sure where to put this. This is a major problem affecting DirectAdmin itself, ultimately in Apache.

As far as I can tell, my situation happens when the Range header is used to request a portion of a file but a smaller portion of that file is actually received, because the connection is interrupted by the client for some reason (happens frequently with video). So for example, if I have a video that's exactly 1gb, seek to the 100mb position (and subsequently request the Range 100mb-end), then after 10mb are actually delivered (confirmed via devtools client side) I seek again to another position, interrupting the delivery of the 100mb-end range... Apache will log that it delivered the same amount of data that it reported in the response's Content-length - 900mb, in this case. In this example, 890mb of nonexistent data were logged as transferred, inflating this transfer to the tune of 90x the real size. Yes, even with %O!

This is massively overinflating directadmin's traffic usage calculations and causing my users to be suspended. I have a user that has already "used" more than 3tb this month, even though my ISP reports that the entirety of my server (all users) is still at around 1tb...

Anything we can do about this?