Information for anyone creating/paying for/deleting licenses using the licensing API

DirectAdmin Support

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Feb 27, 2003
In an attempt to move forward and unify the website code, we've created new php scripts for license creation, deletion and balance payments. (see the updated API documentation in your API clients area).

We've used an .htaccess to redirect the cgi-bin urls to the php urls, so there should be no "functional" change if you're still pointing to the cgi-bin urls, however the output is now correctly url encoded, starting with error=0|1&text=... etc. So if you were doing any html parsing for success, that would need to be updated for your return checks.

In any case, anyone using the cgi-bin version of things, please check the API docs for updates, as all license APIs are now fully php, they'll be simple drop-in replacements, no var/swaps needed (although the php versions also support http auth basic, so uid/passwords don't need to be passed via POST data)
We've updated the DirectAdminLicense.php class to point to the most current paths and hope to eventually remove the cgi-bin API calls from the .htaccess redirects at some point.