Installing ModSecurity using CustomBuild


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Feb 26, 2018
Can this procedure be used to install modsecurity, or should it be done differently?
cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build set modsecurity yes
./build set modsecurity_ruleset owasp
./build modsecurity
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Yes, this looks fine. Additionally you might need to run

./build apache
./build rewrite_confs

for Apache, and

./build nginx
./build rewrite_confs

for NGINX.

Yes, this looks fine. Additionally you might need to run

I have now tried this with nginx several times and what happens is that my 2GB VPS runs out of memory when Custombuild tries tor start nginx after building it. I am not the only one and I found a report with exactly the same problems.

I have compiled and installed mod_security/nginx using a low-end non-DA server so there must be something wrong with the Custombuild process.

To my horror I also noticed that the first thing ./build nginx did was delete my manually modified (GeoIP stuff) nginx.conf. Luckily I had a backup copy at hand. A side effect of that is that all geoip related custom configurations for customers I had added crashed nginx because the manually added geoIP was not there. Well, that should have been in the nginx-includes.conf but I believed the build process would make a backup copy of the configuration, at least.

btw: The "Random questions" in this forum software are a pain in the *** for non-native (American English) speakers and even somebody with a background in English needs to scratch his head when figuring out what the possible proverb might be.