Installing on Debian 5.0 OpenVZ


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Feb 22, 2010
Hi guys,
I'm using Debian 5.0 on OpenVZ.
My provider has some preconfigured images and I use the one he has for Debian 5.0.
DA says that it should be installed on a clean Debian install.
I noticed that the image that that I use has preinstalled apache2 apache2-prefork etc.
In other word beside the base system, I have packages from theWebserver set.
Is there going to be any problem with that?
I'm afraid that apache2 may mess the configuration of DA.
I'll attache the output of dpkg --get-selections.
Can you tell me what should I uninstall?

adduser install
apache2 install
apache2-doc install
apache2-mpm-prefork install
apache2-utils install
apache2.2-common install
apt install
apt-utils install
autoconf install
automake install
autotools-dev install
base-files install
base-passwd install
bash install
bind9 install
bind9utils install
binutils install
bison install
bsd-mailx install
bsdmainutils install
bsdutils install
build-essential install
bzip2 install
ca-certificates install
comerr-dev install
console-common install
console-data install
console-tools install
console-tools-dev install
coreutils install
cpio install
cpp install
cpp-4.3 install
cracklib-runtime install
cron install
db4.6-util install
debconf install
debconf-i18n install
debconf-utils install
debian-archive-keyring install
debianutils install
defoma install
dhcp3-client install
dhcp3-common install
diff install
dosfstools install
dpkg install
dpkg-dev install
dselect install
e2fslibs install
e2fsprogs install
ed install
exim install
expat install
fetchmail install
file install
findutils install
finger install
flex install
fontconfig install
fontconfig-config install
ftp install
g++ install
g++-4.3 install
gawk install
gcc install
gcc-4.3 install
gcc-4.3-base install
gettext-base install
gnupg install
gpgv install
grep install
groff install
groff-base install
gzip install
host install
hostname install
htop install
ifupdown install
info install
initscripts install
iproute install
iptables install
iputils-arping install
iputils-ping install
iputils-tracepath install
klogd install
krb5-config install
ldap-utils install
less install
libacl1 install
libapr1 install
libaprutil1 install
libattr1 install
libauthen-pam-perl install
libbind-dev install
libbind9-40 install
libblkid1 install
libbz2-1.0 install
libc6 install
libc6-dev install
libcap1 install
libcap2 install
libcomerr2 install
libconsole install
libconvert-binhex-perl install
libcrack2 install
libcurl3 install
libdb1-compat install
libdb4.2 install
libdb4.5 install
libdb4.6 install
libdbi-perl install
libdevel-symdump-perl install
libdns45 install
libedit2 install
libevent1 install
libexpat1 install
libfontconfig1 install
libfreetype6 install
libgcc1 install
libgcrypt11 install
libgdbm3 install
libglib2.0-0 install
libgmp3c2 install
libgnutls26 install
libgomp1 install
libgpg-error0 install
libgpm2 install
libhesiod0 install
libhtml-parser-perl install
libhtml-tagset-perl install
libhtml-tree-perl install
libice6 install
libidn11 install
libio-stringy-perl install
libisc45 install
libisccc40 install
libisccfg40 install
libjpeg-progs install
libjpeg62 install
libkadm55 install
libkeyutils1 install
libkrb5-dev install
libkrb53 install
liblcms1 install
libldap-2.4-2 install
liblocale-gettext-perl install
liblockfile1 install
libltdl3 install
liblwres40 install
libmagic1 install
libmailtools-perl install
libmd5-perl install
libmime-perl install
libmime-tools-perl install
libmng1 install
libmpfr1ldbl install
libmysqlclient15off install
libncurses5 install
libncursesw5 install
libnet-daemon-perl install
libnet-ssleay-perl install
libnewt0.52 install
libnss-ldap install
libpam-krb5 install
libpam-modules install
libpam-runtime install
libpam0g install
libpaper1 install
libpcap0.8 install
libpcre3 install
libperl5.10 install
libplrpc-perl install
libpng12-0 install
libpng3 install
libpopt0 install
libpq5 install
libreadline5 install
libsasl2-2 install
libselinux1 install
libsensors3 install
libsepol1 install
libslang2 install
libsm6 install
libsnmp-base install
libsnmp15 install
libsqlite3-0 install
libss2 install
libssh2-1 install
libssl-dev install
libssl0.9.8 install
libstdc++5 install
libstdc++6 install
libstdc++6-4.3-dev install
libsysfs2 install
libtalloc1 install
libtasn1-3 install
libtext-charwidth-perl install
libtext-iconv-perl install
libtext-wrapi18n-perl install
libtiff4 install
libtimedate-perl install
liburi-perl install
libusb-0.1-4 install
libuuid1 install
libwbclient0 install
libwrap0 install
libwww-perl install
libx11-6 install
libx11-data install
libxau6 install
libxaw7 install
libxcb-xlib0 install
libxcb1 install
libxdmcp6 install
libxext6 install
libxml2 install
libxmu6 install
libxpm4 install
libxt6 install
linux-libc-dev install
locales install
lockfile-progs install
login install
logrotate install
lprng install
lsb-base install
lsb-release install
lsof install
lynx install
lynx-cur install
lzma install
m4 install
mailx install
make install
makedev install
man-db install
man2html install
manpages install
memcached install
metamail install
mime-support install
mingetty install
mktemp install
modconf install
module-init-tools install
mount install
mtools install
mutt install
mysql-common install
nano install
ncompress install
ncurses-base install
ncurses-bin install
ncurses-term install
net-tools install
netbase install
nscd install
ntp install
ntpdate install
odbcinst1debian1 install
openssh-blacklist install
openssh-client install
openssh-server install
openssl install
openssl-blacklist install
passwd install
patch install
perl install
perl-base install
perl-modules install
portmap install
procmail install
procps install
proftpd install
psmisc install
psutils install
pwgen install
python install
python-minimal install
python2.5 install
python2.5-minimal install
quota install
readline-common install
rsync install
samba-common install
sasl2-bin install
screen install
sed install
sendmail-base install
sendmail-bin purge
sendmail-cf install
sendmail-doc install
sensible-mda install
sharutils install
smbfs install
snmp install
ssh install
ssl-cert install
stunnel install
stunnel4 install
sudo install
sysklogd install
syslinux install
syslinux-common install
sysv-rc install
sysvinit install
sysvinit-utils install
talk install
talkd install
tar install
tcpd install
tcpdump install
tcsh install
telnet install
traceroute install
tree install
ttf-dejavu install
ttf-dejavu-core install
ttf-dejavu-extra install
tzdata install
ucf install
units install
unixodbc install
unzip install
update-inetd install
util-linux install
vim install
vim-common install
vim-runtime install
wget install
whiptail install
whois install
wwwconfig-common install
x11-common install
xinetd install
zlib1g install
zlib1g-dev install


NoBaloney Internet Svcs - In Memoriam †
Jun 16, 2003
I don't use Debian on our servers and so I can't guarantee I've caught everything.

But certainly remove apache2, and exim (the DirectAdmin install is a special install).

I'm not sure of bind9 and mysql. I think you'd be better off using DirectAdmin installs on both.



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Feb 22, 2010
Apart from apache2 I found out that DA uses proftd and exim that are in the Debian
repositories. When I uninstalled those 2 I lost mail and ftp access and when I reinstalled
them everything was back up.
Are there any notes to check what repository packages DA uses?

EDIT: By the way how can I check if the services DA uses are its own custombuild or the ones that are in the repositories?


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Aug 19, 2008
They have custom packages. You shouldnt be installing via repository.


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Feb 22, 2010
OK uninstalled apache2, exim, mysql, proftd and compiled using custombuild.
I only have to use bind and openssl, openssh from the repositories right?

EDIT: By the way sendmail that is installed from the repositories is needed by DA or I can remove it?


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Feb 22, 2010
Yes sendmail-bin is uninstalled, actually purged, but there are
sendmail-base install
sendmail-cf install
sendmail-doc install
also installed. Should I remove them as well?