Issue with SSL restores from AUTO SSL certificate.


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Jul 25, 2016
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I have a full DA backup that I manually created using admin backup tools and they all contain users that have domains with SSL certificates from DA AUTO SSL. Then, I reinstalled the DA, and next, I restored all user admin accounts using admin_backups tool, the restoration was a success but the only thing that was not restored is the SSL certificate. When I look at this folder, I found none were created like below:





I have gone through many posts in this forum and I haven't seen anyone talking about the SSL certificate restoration success story especially for AUTO SSL (maybe related to server certificate as mentioned by this Or did you guys already feel frustrated and ignore this backup and restore thing and just live with it? Or is this a known bug that is not yet discovered?

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

To clarify, only certs created either by pasting them through the GUI (eg: Comodo paid certs), or LetsEncrypt certs created there via the wildcard/subdomain checkboxes, will be backed up/restored.

Any auto-ssl certificaites (eg: "Best Match") option are not backed up, and not restored.
Upon restoration of an auto-ssl domain, it simply gets put into the queue again for a new auto-ssl cert with this local LetsEncrypt account.

Basically, inside the backup, there would be a path:
if that file does not have SSLCertificateFile / SSLCertificateKeyFile key value set (which could be the case for auto-ssl domains), then nothing is restored in terms of cert/key/ca files.

For that case, there should be 2 files created:

which would be picked up by the dataskq within a minute to attempt the request.
Assuming the domain resolves here, it will go through.