JAVA class for communicating with DA


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Nov 18, 2004
This is a small class I have written in JAVA for communicating with DA. The class is simple and most anyone can make good use of it. The only requirement for using this class is: You must have a JSP/Servlet container running on your DA server. I have Jakarta Tomcat Ver 4.1.31 running on my server and have tested all JSP's using Tomcat.

The current version of the class is Ver 2.2
Last updated on: 03/31/2005

View the class and all examples here OR download the class and all examples as a zip file here

The first example you should look at is: example_show_all_users.jsps
because I describe the different ways of using the class in that example.

I have posted a short tutorial demonstrating the use of the JAVA HTTPSocket class with sessions. The name of the tutorial is HTTPSocket_tutorial.html
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