Linux software management


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Nov 14, 2019
I would like to use my DA server for more than just the shared hosting services that are currently managed by DA. However, I'm a hobby programmer who does things for fun, and has only recently spent more time in Linux rather than Windows so I have far more experience doing things on Windows than Linux.

Does anyone have a favorite primer on installing and managing software on a Linux box? I think I've probably spent most of my time on Debian based Linux, but I'm running DA on CentOS 8 right now, and have finally found that there are more commonalities than I previously expected. My first area of interest would be getting the latest version of Python 3 compiled and installed, independent of both the OS and DA installations of anything Python related. I'd like to be able to run a few Python services to augment the shared hosting, like a WebSocket server (Django Daphne being one such server) which may result in DA plugin development...who knows.

I'd welcome any tips or advice you have to offer, as long as it is constructive. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 11, 2008
Use a separate server. First bit of advice. Second is employ someone like for a one time fee, if the server is in production this is a given.
I wouldn’t give advice on how to do a python installer from source knowing you could knock customers offline.
Best of luck!