Login keys notifications while login keys notifications are off


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Dec 11, 2005
The Netherlands
Since a few days we/and our clients get a lot of login keys notifications, after i saw them appear i already disabled the notifications. But still the users get emails sent with subject "Your Hash URL Login 'HASHURLRANDOMSTRINGHERE' has been created".

/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin c | grep login_keys_notify_on_creation login_keys_notify_on_creation=0

I've also checked login_keys_notify_on_creation in the user.conf files, but they seem to be disabled for the users too.

We run the latest release 1.65.0 (on current channel).

The login keys seem to be sent because of logins/user usage checks from our billing/client area software.
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I noticed tons of it to our customers also but in our case we never turned it off.

So followed this

But I think you did it already so not sure if its solved now maybe