Mail forwarder check


New member
Oct 2, 2019
Hello DA users!

My website has a mailing list to reach all our members (around 400 users) with external addresses. I am however worried that this might be abused by spammers or trollers. As I am not an expert on email routing I am not sure what to search for on this forum, so my apologies if this question is answered already.

I want to have a check for people sending an email to the forwarder, for example. I want my crew to use the forwarder domain, so people with an email address are allowed to send mails to this domain, but I want to block mails that are sent from an external email address; meaning is not allowed to send to

Alternatively, if this is not possible I want to check and approve any mail that gets sent to the forwarder before it sends to all email addresses.

Is any of these solutions possible?

Thanks in advance!