Mail Log Is Empty


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Feb 6, 2023

I have my server running pretty well, except for one thing: Before switching over my email hosting, I used to receive a newsletter from a company. With DirectAdmin, I do not receive this. I do not have spam filtering set up, so I was looking at examining mail logs.
In "Email Manager", under "Email Accounts", there's a feature called "SMTP Logs" with a selection for "In/Out". Clicking "In", a new window pops up, but there are no logs at all, just an empty square in the middle, where the logs should be.

DA version is 1.647 and OS is Ubuntu 22.04.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
It's better to check the /var/log/exim/mainlog and /var/log/exim/rejectlog to investigate what could go wrong.

The log you are pointing to seems not to work anymore in the Enhanced skin, probably a bug.