Mod_ruid2 not working


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May 27, 2014
The Netherlands (Holland)
Hello, i've updated my server to the latest Ubuntu release 16.04 LTS
Also updated all of Directadmin and now i'm running into issues wit mod_ruid2

If I run apache as is it gives an error in Firefox (translated) "Secure connection failed Connection re-initialised" on a SSL secure host.
If i disable the Loadmodule mod_ruid2 inside httpd-phpmodules.conf everything works (except mod_ruid and user rights on the directory's)

i'm using PHP 7.0.17, apache 2.4.25, mod_ruid2/0.9.8

Also let's encrypt can't update the certificates any more, something to do with the .well-known alias or it user rights with mod_ruid2

EDIT: could also be SuExec problem. but both ain't working. so i'm having trouble with file ownership.
in options.conf i've clearly stated mod_ruid=yes
and in configure.apache it says with-suexec and enable-so

can someone point me into a direction?
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