Moving a domain to a server with personal license

Endre Ottem

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Jul 4, 2019

I have been moving a bunch of mail domains/users from a couple of Ipswitch iMail servers and one Icewarp mail server. Which has been somewhat successful despite the usual and seemingly unsolvable SSL issues which is not relevant for this post.

However, one of the domains I moved was our own domain. As this leads to some issues we had not anticipated, we want to move our domain to a separate server. Since this server will only be running that one domain, we decided to get the Personal license.

We ran a backup on the current server, moved it to the new server, and tried to restore it, but get this error:
An error occurred during the restore.
License is limited to 1 accounts, and you currently have 1

Which is logical and completely understandable. My question is, is there a way to restore the domain in the admin account on the new server, without restoring the user itself?

Richard G

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Jul 6, 2008
Yes, but it probably would overwrite the admin account, maybe that is not a real issue.

There are 2 ways if you have a directadmin backup file. Just create the domain under admin and import all stuff needed, lots of work.

The other solution is to rename the backup file.
Now it's something like user.admin.domain.tar.gz or user.reseller.domain.tar.gz and you can rename this to admin.admin.domain.tar.gz and it will be imported (and will overwrite) the current admin account.
Which also means you have to use the DA password of that account to login to admin afterwards.
But you can always change a password later on.

I don't know which is the easiest for you. If the backup is not a DA backup, you probably best can do it manually.